About me

Sylvia Baker de Perkal (London, 1962)

I have been living in Mallorca (Spain) for the last 25 years in a country home surrounded by nature. I am a translator by profession, but in 2019 a lifetime of loving art came into its own and painting became a necessary passion for me. I suddenly had the time, the encouragement, the confidence and the inspiration to pour all the beauty I see around me on canvas.  A selection of my recent work (pieces privately owned, pieces sold and work available) is shown on this site.


A new exhibition space has been inaugurated in my village of Algaida (Mallorca- Spain) and I was asked to be the first artist to exhibit. It opened on 20th January and can be visited until mid-March.

My first exhibition! Algaidart 2021. A collection of 15 paintings now on permanent display at CAN SANT CAFÉ in the main square of ALGAIDA, MALLORCA, SPAIN.

This is an article published in CELEBRITY MAGAZINE MALLORCA which truly summarises how I feel about having the privilege of dedicating much of my time at this stage of my life to art.

Other work for practice or fun that I have been busy doing:

Oil pastel study of a street in my village of Algaida, Mallorca. November 2019
Acrylics and pastels on canvas. The Cathedral of Palma. (Sold)
Collage and acrylics on wood,
La Beçedelle. Cevennes. France
My home in Mallorca.
The olive grove at the back of my house.

Quick painting on paper of my niece Marina relaxing at new home in Selva (Mallorca). – August 2020

Pomegranate season in Mallorca.

Seascapes. How can one not paint the sea when surrounded by it? The beautiful Mediterranean.

A collage of various works on paper- December 2020
Acrylics on canvas. The village of Selva (Mallorca), my sister’s new home

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